Lavender Kisses


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Today I think of the future. Wondering what lies around the corner. There is no greater gift than the love of another. We spend our lives searching for this and sometimes it happens when you least expect it. If you have found it I commend you, if you haven’t keep looking it’s there maybe just around that next corner.






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Gratitude, what does it really mean? To me it has become a part of my everyday vocabulary.

It is important that we take time out to be grateful and look past our little day to day annoyances. Knowing that the plan for our life must forge on and that we be grateful we have a life.




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This being my first post I want to wish you all a blessed 2014 and hope that you all meet and exceed your goals in this coming year.

My name is Celeste Smith and I am a five year breast cancer survivor. My journey became one of so much more than just having and controlling my cancer.
In this blog I hope to share with you many different things. Practical information, positive and motivating ideas but most of all give you a place to share with me your experiences. That being said you do not have to have had cancer. We all struggle with many things that need to be shared.

Celeste ❤